“The mechanical principles on which Osteopathy is based are as old as the universe.”
– Dr. A.T. Still, D.O. (Founder of Osteopathy)

Classical Osteopathy Manual Practitioner


Baljeet Soor

Classical Osteopathy Manual Practitioner

Baljeet is the owner and operator of Good Health Osteopathy, located in the beautiful town of Bolton, Ontario. Good Health Osteopathy has been helping patients in Bolton and surrounding areas since 2015. Baljeet has worked hard to create a healing environment in the quiet office she practices out of in Downtown Bolton. Patients often feel like staying for a nap after treatment!

After completion of the Registered Massage Therapy program in 2010, Baljeet quickly realized she hungered for more knowledge and understanding of the human body. The common sense approach to health that came with Osteopathy peaked Baljeet’s interest and she began her journey to becoming a Manual Osteopathic Practitioner. After experiencing the health benefits for herself and for her family, she was immersed and fascinated by this timeless art and science.

Baljeet is a proud graduate of the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy, a school which teaches Classical Osteopathy from the humble beginnings of Osteopathic literature and puts into practice at least 1000 practical (hands-on training) hours before graduating the 4-year program. It is the intense hands-on training that gives each graduate the confidence to tackle a variety of health concerns patients have.

Baljeet’s focus is to provide each patient with the attention they deserve. Everyone has the right to dignity when it comes to proper healthcare. She works with the patient to discover why they are experiencing the symptoms they came in with and how to help alleviate them and prevent them in the future. Baljeet believes that healthcare should be about unity, about bringing the patient back to their body, mind and spirit.
Proudly serving Bolton, Nobleton, Kleinburg, Shomberg, Palgrave, Orangeville, Woodbridge, Brampton, and surrounding areas.

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