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About Osteopathy

Classical Osteopathy is defined as a holistic, traditional, and drug-free manual medicine. Founded in 1874 by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, it is widely considered as the first form of scientific-based manual therapy. Osteopathic treatments are gentle, hands-on and effective in treating many symptoms the body may be experiencing. Osteopathic application is guided by palpation skills and Osteopathic assessment of joints, muscles, etc. The goal of the practitioner is to determine the underlying cause(s) of symptoms and to assist in restoring the natural healing capabilities of the body.

Osteopathic practitioners are trained to use their knowledge and understanding of anatomy and physiology. They are looking for the cause of your pain, rather than chasing the pain. The treatments are not time-based, they are based on what your body’s needs are at that time.

“To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease.”
– Dr. A.T. Still, D.O. (Founder of Osteopathy)

About the Founder – Dr. Andrew Taylor Still

Dr. Andrew Taylor Still was born on August 6, 1828 in Lee County, Virginia. Dr. Still was an inquisitive young boy and learned about anything and everything he could. His young mind led him to discover the love of anatomy. In his early years, he learned about anatomy through dissections of small animals, which later emerged to his love of human anatomy and trying to figure out how it all works in harmony. In the 1850s, he was an apprentice to his father, learning the ropes of allopathic medicine of that time. During most of his physician career, he was using methods of healing such as bleeding, purging, blistering, and using concoctions we consider to be poisons today. This was the way of trying to deal with diseases and sickness that were merely not understood. Dr. Still was influenced by many forms of healing mechanisms of his time, such as bone-setting, hydrotherapy, magnetic healing, homeopathy, and spiritualism.

Dr. Still spent his entire life improving upon his knowledge and understanding of the human body. He taught hundreds of students, including his own children of this science and art. He became a legend in the sense that he made a remarkable difference in the way people thought about health and disease. He questioned the medical profession and their teachings and was outspoken about what he had discovered. Some would say, a true man of passion. His life’s journey shifted the view of “alternative” healing as we see it today.

Andrew Taylor Still was an active teacher at the American School of Osteopathy until he died on December 12, 1917 at the age of 89. He left behind the fundamental values of what it means to apply the great science of anatomy into a practical and logical treatment for better health without aggressive interventions.


History of Osteopathy Timeline


August 4, 1874

Osteopathy was discovered by Dr. A.T. Still in the late 1800s. Being a trained medical physician of his time, Dr. Still was astounded that many dis-eases were not being treated effectively with allopathic approaches. Still’s mentality towards medicine was forever changed when he lost his wife from complications of labour, 3 of his children to spinal meningitis, and another to pneumonia. Western (allopathic) medicine was unable to help his family and thus he embarked on a mission to help people using the science of the body as a concrete rationale for healing. After


August 4, 1892

Dr. Still began a school that would revolutionize our view of the human body’s abilities. The American School of Osteopathy was founded in 1892 and started off with 15 students, 3 of those students were women. Dr. Still was a big believer in providing equal opportunity for all.


August 4, 2017

ASO eventually grew to hundreds of students from U.S., Canada and parts of Europe.


August 4, 2017

After A.T. Still passed away, the founding school of Osteopathy took a quick deviation toward a more medical model, including drugs and surgery in their teachings of Osteopathy. This was not what the founder had envisioned and taught during his decades of studying and teaching. Today, there are a handful of

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