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In the recent lockdowns, Osteopathic Practitioners have been forced to shut down due to the ambiguity of whether Osteopathy is an essential service to its patients. We need your help to assist us in framing our profession as an important part of one’s healthcare and wellness. Our patients know how vital their treatments are to their body’s health, let’s make sure the government knows too!

Below, you’ll find a survey that will be used to show our legislature how many patients rely on Osteopathic care for their health in Ontario. Please take a few minutes to help us make a positive change. Thank you!

Allow physiologic function within to manifest its own unerring potency rather than apply a blind force from without.

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About Good Health Osteopathy

“Good Health Osteopathy is committed to giving each patient the highest quality of care in a warm, comfortable setting which is sure to please your inner health bud. At Good Health Osteopathy, our mission is to help alleviate pain in the most natural, safe and effective way.”

About Osteopathy

“Osteopathy is much more than a set of memorized techniques, it is a philosophy based on fundamental laws that govern the anatomy and physiology of the body.”

About Baljeet

Baljeet has almost 10 years of experience in the manual therapy field. Bringing positivity to her patients, genuinely caring for their well-being and providing a safe and comfortable treatment setting are some of the things she considers humble opportunities.

About Bolton Office

Good Health Osteopathy is located in the town of Bolton, Ontario. Surrounded by history and wonderful residents, it has been home to Baljeet’s Osteopathic practice since 2015.


Classical Osteopathy is defined as a holistic, traditional, and drug-free manual medicine. Founded in 1874 by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, it is widely considered as the first form of scientific-based manual therapy. Osteopathic treatments are gentle, hands-on and effective in treating many symptoms the body may be experiencing.

Osteopathic application is guided by palpation skills and Osteopathic assessment of joints, muscles, etc. The goal of the practitioner is to determine the underlying cause(s) of symptoms and to assist in restoring the natural healing capabilities of the body.

Osteopathic practitioners are trained to use their knowledge and understanding of anatomy and physiology. They are looking for the cause of your pain, rather than chasing the pain. The treatments are not time-based, they are based on what your body’s needs are at that time.

Insurance Recognized Practitioner

Baljeet is a qualified Registered Osteopathy Practitioner and has an ongoing good standing with the Ontario Osteopathic Association (OOA). She is also a Registered Member of the Canadian Institute of Classical Osteopathy and is a recognized Osteopathic Practitioner with most insurance providers. Please check your insurance policy to see if you are covered for Osteopathy services.

Classical Osteopathy vs. Eclectic Osteopathy

Classical Osteopathy can be summarized as having an overall understanding of fundamental principles in assessment and treatment. Classical Osteopathy practitioners work diligently to palpate and assess why the body is exhibiting certain symptoms. Rational treatment follows using sense of knowledge and understanding of the human body’s interconnected systems. Eclectic Osteopathy is typically taught as an add-on to a manual practitioner’s repertoire. These are a set of memorized and protocol-based techniques that are used to parts of the body for a variety of ailments.

Download Forms

Please complete and print out the Health History Form and Cancellation Waiver prior to your arrival for your initial appointment. This will ensure a thorough health history check-up with your practitioner so you can discuss areas of concern in detail when you arrive. Please make sure you include any previous health related issues, including childhood surgeries, falls, infections, etc. You may also bring any imaging (x-rays, ultrasounds, etc.) and diagnosis results from your primary health care provider to further assist your practitioner.

Osteopathic Assessment

Your Manual Osteopathic Practitioner will assess the quantity and quality of movement of your joints, muscles, tendons, etc. as needed. It is important to wear loose, comfortable clothing so that assessment and treatment can proceed without restriction of clothing.

Classical Osteopathy Approach

Classical Osteopathic treatment encompasses a philosophy based on fundamental principles, not a set of memorized techniques. Techniques can be adjusted and mastered by each individual practitioner, however, the principles of anatomy and physiology are as old as time itself. Classical Osteopathy practitioners do not rely on protocol-based treatment, they vary each treatment based on the patient’s body and health history; thus making treatment very specific for each patient.Eclectic Osteopathy is typically taught as an add-on to a manual practitioner’s repertoire. These are a set of memorized and protocol-based techniques that are used to parts of the body for a variety of ailments.


Good Health Osteopathy accepts payment in cash, cheque or e-transfer. Please ensure your cheque is filled out prior to arrival and e-transfers are made prior to arrival to save time at the end of the treatment.

Osteopathy Treatment

The aim is to strive for the most amount of balance in all areas of our lives. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but we do need to consider the big picture surrounding good health. Good health encompasses a healthy way of life; whether it is physical, emotional, spiritual, social, environmental, financial, nutritional, etc. All these aspects are an integral part of our human functionality, thus we cannot depend solely on “fixing” one of these and forgetting about the rest.

As Osteopathic machinists, we go no further than to adjust the abnormal conditions back to the normal. Nature will do the rest.