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Important Info for booking Appointments

If it has been over 6 months since your last treatment, please choose Initial Appointment for booking your next treatment. A re-evaluation will be done for your health history and assessment.


  1. During the wet weather season, the office typically supplies slippers for clients to wear, as boots/outdoor shoes are removed in the waiting area.  However; this season we find ourselves in a unique situation, thus; all clients will be asked to bring their own slippers for safety and sanitary reasons. BYOS-Bring Your Own Slippers! 🙂
  2. If you forget your slippers, you cannot be provided with a pair for safety reasons, so please make sure you at least have socks on. Another option may be to have a pair of plastic covers for your feet. 
  3. Boots/Winter Shoes will not be permitted to be worn in the hallways and treatment office, for sanitary reasons.
  4. If you have a scarf/hat, gloves, please ensure all items are tucked inside the sleeves of your coat to ensure they don’t fall out on the floor, again for sanitary reasons.
  5. The office will have a plastic-covered chair to put your things onto during your treatment.
  6. In the cold-weather season, we will take into consideration that some people may have a bit of a runny nose, dry cough or watery eyes from the cold weather itself, please be prepared to have tissues on hand, and we will also provide some in the office. 



  1. Before coming to your initial appointment, please download/print and fill out the Health History Form.
  2. Please wear loose/stretchy clothing for your treatments. (A washroom is available for changing if needed)
  3. For sanitary purposes, please bring socks if you will have bare feet. (Slippers are also available at the office)
  4. Bring a water bottle with you (if desired).
  5. The office entrance is located at the back of the building, by the parking lot.
  6. Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior to your appointment time.
  7. Payment is due on the day of your appointment, before you leave the office.
  8. A receipt will be given on the day of your appointment for insurance reimbursement.
  9. If you do not show up for your appointment, or cancel before the 48-hour cancellation window, you will be responsible for the appointment fee. (Emergencies/Illness excepted)


If you choose to get a Covid vaccination, as a precaution; you must wait at least 30 days before coming in for a treatment. To ensure everyone’s safety, and even if you feel fine after vaccination; we kindly ask that you respect the office policy.

If your upcoming appointment coincides within a 30-day period after you have been vaccinated, please email me to reschedule your appointment. Thank you for your understanding and patience during these times.

Stay healthy & happy!

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Please download and fill out the Health History Form and bring it with you for your initial visit. You will get automated confirmations and reminders on your email and cellular phone. Please contact Good Health Osteopathy if you have further questions. We look forward to seeing you soon

Important Notice

If it has been over 6 months since your last treatment, please choose Initial Appointment for booking your next treatment. A re-evaluation will be done for your health history and assessment.

Health History Form

For new patients only – please read through this entire health history form carefully and sign the appropriate pages. Please bring it in with you to your first appointment.

Health History Form
Cancellation Waiver

Cancellation Waiver

Please read and sign the cancellation waiver, and bring it with you to your initial appointment. If you are a current patient and have not yet signed one, please download, sign and bring it to your follow-up appointment.

Office Policies

Please read the office policies and procedures thoroughly. This form is for information purposes only.

Office Policies

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