After living with a long-time shoulder injury with loss of sleep, no improvement to motion nor resolution to pain, I followed Dr.’s orders with Physiotherapy script in hand. After 11 ‘hours/visits’ of lying hooked up to a machine, I experienced very little to no relief.

I was disappointed and frustrated with this type of care. It was time to do my own research! I met Baljeet at a Women’s Forum – her practice peaked my interest and I left feeling excited about entertaining a new care option. Before long, I was lying comfortably in her ‘zen-decorated’ office appreciating the time she took with me to share her knowledge as well as her candidness about Osteopathy not being a quick fix.

After just a couple of treatments however, I was hooked – manual therapy is second to none and Baljeet knows this and does it well ! After 6 treatments, pain in my shoulder substantially subsided and for the first time in well over a year, I was able to lift my arm up and around my back again! I continue to visit Baljeet for ‘maintenance’ appointments and always feel so much better when I leave for days/weeks after. If you are not happy with your current treatment plan and/or practice (or even if you are?), I would highly encourage you to connect with Baljeet and give Osteopathy a try !
Connie Hall-Saunders
I was missing work and losing money due to back pain and my inability to move . I had tried massage and chiropractic without success. Baljeet taught me, through Osteopathy, to be more aware of my body’s alignment and balance and how so many parts are affected. I am now in control of my health. My osteopathy treatment now is an investment to my overall wellbeing and I haven’t missed a day of work since.
Daiana Strazzeri
I had no idea what Osteopathy was until I started seeing Baljeet almost a year ago now and have been so thankful ever since! She has been extremely helpful with treating my back pain from a holistic perspective both physically and emotionally. Her office is a very calm, comfortable and relaxed environment which goes hand in hand with her personality. She is very knowledgable and goes above and beyond to help her clients. Thank you Baljeet for everything you have done for me!
Vanessa Silva
Good Day! I was in to see Baljeet for the first time last ..And I truly enjoyed it!..She is very pleasant, friendly and makes you feel right at home especially with her cozy little office. I have always had lower back pain and just after one visit I can say I am pain free! I like the fact that she doesn’t just focus on one particular part of your body…It is a total body minipulation…As everything is connected…Looking forward to my next visit to fine tune this aging vessel of mine! Many thanks Baljeet!
Sue Gingras
I am so glad to have found Baljeet who took the time to treat my body but also to listen to what is happening in my life that is contributing to the physical ailments. I felt near 100% better the day after I received treatment, in fact hours just after seeing Baljeet my body felt more relaxed and at ease, with less pain. Thank you for being excellent in the care you provide!
Linda Monico
Baljeet is warm, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable about her treatments. The passion that Baljeet has for making her clients feel better is undeniable. I would highly recommend giving Osteopathy a try, and definitely from Baljeet.
Sandra Borg-Sandhu